Sunday, December 4, 2016

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Great Gifts for Cubs Fans

They did it. A century and eight years of waiting ended with the victorious conclusion to the 2016 World Series.  Fans and collectors who follow them can never get enough so we’ve compiled a list of great gifts for Cubs fans you can keep handy. No matter how much you have to spend and no matter how much Cubs memorabilia they may have already bought,... [Read more of this review]

Al Kaline Baseball Cards: 6 to Capture His Career

Open a pack of 1975 Topps Baseball cards and you might find an Al Kaline card from the 1974 Highlights subset, but his career had finally come to a close months before when the popular native of Baltimore retired after 22 years—all of them playing in Detroit. On August 17, 1980, between games of a doubleheader, Kaline became the first Tiger ever to... [Read more of this review]

Beckett Basketball Card Price Guide Still a Solid Resource

When collecting or investing in sports cards, knowledge can mean profits or finding great cards for your collection at bargain prices.  Knowing what cards are selling for now and what they sold for in the past is very important.  Thankfully, there is a low cost basketball card price guide and a few other options out there that can help answer some... [Read more of this review]

1952 Topps Baseball Set is Card Collecting Legend

The 1952 Topps baseball set may be the most popular baseball card set ever and is undoubtedly the most sought-after set of the post-World War II Era.  The pioneering design aspects of Topps inaugural full-set issue, as well as the scarcity of several key cards, make the 1952 Topps set unequaled in collectability. Bowman had dominated the card market... [Read more of this review]

1952 Bowman Baseball Set Stands on its Own

The 1952 Bowman Baseball set, though overshadowed by the seminal 1952 Topps set, stands in its own right as a set from one of baseball’s greatest eras.  The complete set contains 252 cards, including significant players (like Stan Musial) not signed by Topps for 1952.  High-number cards in this set (#217-252) are a little harder to find and carry... [Read more of this review]

Best Types of Jersey Display Cases

If you have an autographed sports jersey, it only makes sense.  Like every other item of value, your number one priority is obviously going to be to take the appropriate steps needed in order to fully protect your investment. If you are looking to preserve your autographed jersey your best bet is to purchase an appropriate display case in order to... [Read more of this review]

1964 Topps Football Set Ushered in New Age

The 1960s were a time of upheaval in pro football. The old school NFL was battling the brash AFL for center stage, and pro football itself was beginning to rise in popularity among American sports fans. For football card collectors, 1964 mirrored that turbulence. That was the year Topps lost its license to produce National Football League cards to... [Read more of this review]

Where to Sell Your Vintage Sports Cards Where to Sell Your Vintage Sports Cards

Knowing where you can sell your vintage sports cards can be challenging.  You can try to do it yourself but it’s often time intensive. If you've inherited a collection, are a long-time collector ready to sell or you've made a 'garage sale find', it's worth checking to see whether there's profit to be made. Vintage sports cards are generally considered... [Read more of this review]

1969 Topps Baseball Cards: A White-Letter Day for Collectors 1969 Topps Baseball Cards: A White-Letter Day for Collectors

When collectors peeled open their first wax packs of 1969 Topps baseball cards as clubs wrapped up Spring Training, America was already getting anxious for the moon landing that seemed imminent and would unfold that summer. Little did baseball fans know that they were about to bear witness to developments in the game itself that were nearly as monumental... [Read more of this review]

1972 Topps Baseball Card Set is a Fun-Loving Monster 1972 Topps Baseball Card Set is a Fun-Loving Monster

Traded cards, trophies, pictures of kids and more Hall of Famers than you can shake a stick at are all reasons the 1972 Topps baseball set seems to never end. The 787 card set was by far Topps largest issue to that point and the biggest set it would issue for another decade.  What could certainly be described as Topps’ grooviest set presents a variety... [Read more of this review]

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